Have changed quite a few things with this update.

  • Re-balanced progression and economy. A lot of costs and ball attributes have been changed, so the game should now unfold at a better pace and choices should be more meaningful.
  • Improved collision detection (some hits weren't registering).
  • Add Power-Ups (hopefully these add some strategy to how you progress in the early game).
  • Money Ball removed, replaced with Poison Ball. The Poison Ball tags bricks for 2x damage. This is supposed to be a utility/support type ball, with its effect becoming more significant at higher levels.
  • New sounds, one for each ball type.
  • Effect toggle button - this should improve the lag when the screen gets too busy in the later levels of the game.
  • Achievements - very basic at the moment. Just a few listed in the Options menu but I will add more soon.
  • Each ball type now displays how much damage it has been responsible for (per prestige).
  • Random Ball Facts - just added these for fun.


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Nov 24, 2018

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