• Added different cursors to increase visibility.
  •  Once you break 1,000 Black Bricks, you’ll get a new option in the Upgrades menu. This is a preview of new content I’m working on called Boss Bricks. Please try it out and let me know any feedback you have.
  • Ball prices should now scale properly above ~2.3 billion.
  • Black Bricks Update: Every 1,000 levels, regular bricks will receive increased HP, with Black Bricks HP increased even further. However, Black Bricks cycle back to 1 brick, then 2, then 3 etc.
  • Power Ups now stack, so you can have multiple snowballs, double your gold bonus, or extend the life of other Power Ups.
  • New brick pattern <3
  • Gold is now reward based on level (< 100 = 1, 100 – 1,000 = 2, 1,000 – 10,000 = 3, etc.)
  • UI now displays Money and Black Bricks (it’s a bit ugly but it’ll do until I overhaul the UI).
  • Added 2X Gold to clickable Power Ups (now that it stacks).
  • Demon Core effect no longer obscures menus.
  • “Los Alamos” typo, thanks to Aks146.
  • Moved notification of level 100 time (so it isn’t blocked by Black Brick warning).
  • Boss Bricks now give gold when you beat each level. However, they are still just a test but should be finished soon!


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Feb 15, 2019
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Feb 15, 2019

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Hi. I have been playing this game for about a month. I think. After playing this update for about a week I have some thoughts. At the time of writing this my prestige upgrades are: 12800% cash bonus, 10x speed, 4096x power, 4 lasers, and 210 balls. I am basically only focusing on power upgrades now. I have passed 100 bonus gold for beating a Boss battle.

 A nice feature would be the ability to reset damage done so you can more easily see what does the most damage. 

I also think you should keep the BB when you prestige. Since boss progression doesn't reset BB points shouldn't either. And now onto the bosses them selves. They seem a bit easy. But that might be because I have played a bunch before this update.  Also I would very much like a feature in the numbers only mode to show how many boss lives are left.

Thanks for making this game