I've completely changed the collision system to see if it improves performance. 

I uploaded a Windows version too, for anyone interested. Depending on your PC, it might play a lot more smoothly for you than the browser version.


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Nov 29, 2018

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Getting a bunch of bugged balls, they act funny and slow down super slow unless i purchase a new ball. 

Balls seem to spawn from one point at start of round. 

Unplayable, YOU BROKE IT. J/K enjoying the game

Thanks, I might need to revert back to the old collision system. It was more accurate and I don't think the new system has much of a performance gain. Glad you like the game though!


Hey mate. Ive tried playing multiple times its still broken. seems to happen right after level 100 when the black bricks start to appear. random amounts of my balls start to spawn from a spot in the lower left corner. they slowly spread in a circle from this corner not moving right. THANKS

That's intended actually. It is for balls that get "caught" by black bricks that spawn. Since the black bricks won't take damage until all other bricks are cleared, those balls get shifted to an area of the screen where they can move freely again.

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It looks like when that happens, the balls lose all their speed and just float around slowly. As far as I can tell the only way to fix it is to by a new ball, at which point all the balls speed up to their correct speed.

After a while of idling, 90% of my balls are just crawling around on the screen and progress stops. It makes it so you can't run the game idle, you have to always be playing.

I also noticed that when I buy speed upgrades, they aren't actually applied until I buy a new ball (doesn't matter what type).

Oh snap. I realised where I had missed some code as soon as I read your comment; thanks! I've fixed that now so balls should maintain their correct speeds all the time.

I guess I... dropped the ball on that one :D