Automatons are no longer permanent purchases. They reset with each prestige, just like other acumen assignments. Automation prices have been raised slightly to offset this. Also, any acumen you have spent of automation currently will be returned when you load the new update.

You may now reset with 0 additional acumen.

The x1/x10/max toggle now works for all staff assignments, as well as purchasing vehicles.

Evacuation is now paced faster. The bug causing lag should also be resolved.

A basic Achievements system, which rewards you with instant acumen.

Van/Ship synergy now based on ship deliveries of current run (reset), not all time deliveries


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Aug 05, 2019
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Aug 05, 2019

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(these are quick notes I made over 30 minutes on the new update)
Research & Train Management
- Button to put all unassigned staff in
- Button to pull all staff out from there
(its annoying to click 40 times (or more) on minus, just to click again that amount in the other window)

R&D feels useless. after maybe 10 Minutes I have researched everything (after 4 runs)

If x10 is selected, it works in the marketing strategy window as well. For me those are 2 seperate windows. After thinking about it it works the same in R&D and TM, which is ok. So forget the first part (it didnt came to my mind, cause of seperate windows ...)

The non permanent acumens are a good idea. Gives more freedom.

A marker or something to see that you finished an achievement would be nice.

I still see no reason for the evacuation mini game. Of course there are now some achievements for it ... but I dont know. I dont like it to be honest.

x10 doesnt work on the hire employee button. (blablabla on 2 seperate windows it works, but not on this button yadda yadda stupid users :D )

Renaming the company is kind of useless because it gets changed after reset.

Because its the first time I give you some feedback:

The train is the most interesting vehicle (cause of the its development system), the other ones feel a bit boring. Maybe start as a local company and R&D yourself to a global one.
Or a seperate R&D segment to make each vehicle more effiecent with a raising research point cost (same as Train stuff). R&D is just useless after 10 minutes like I said.
I havent tried it yet, but could it be that after 3 benefactors a 4th one would be wasted or does it queue up?

I've played/idle no for 20 hours over the last days --> I like this game! Keep going!