New Features

  • Renamed game to Logistics Inc. It could be better but at least it's a more accurate description of the game.
  • Acumen can now be assigned to a buff at any time during the game but cannot be reassigned, unless you haven't bought any vehicles yet (i.e. right after reset).
  • Automation upgrades; make driving/marketing/mechanics operate without staff. These can be purchased with acumen and are permanent purchases (buy once, acumen spent).
  • Benefactions are earned through "relocating" staff via portals. They instantly grant vehicles, staff, train carriages or money (your current earning rate multiplied by a number of minutes). They are retained between resets.
  • Some re-balancing. Ships now take longer, so hopefully the ship/van synergy will be a bit less dominant (but it's still pretty powerful).
  • You can rename the "company" via the options menu now.
  • Staff multi-buy toggle now highlights which once you have selected. 

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Jul 05, 2019

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