Added Contracts. These can be enabled from the Acumen assignment screen (you will get the acumen back upon reset like usual). Contracts are time-based earners which provide an additional method for gaining acumen.
Added AI. This can be accessed if you enable all Automation. It provides a second layer of prestige with some powerful upgrades.
Added a new Synergy; Perfectly Balanced. This gives a good income boost if you have matching number of vehicles.
Added 4 permanent Research unlocks, purchasable with Kreds. These add the convenience of having Research completed at the start of each run. Thank you to anyone that buys them, it will allow me to spend more time making games going forward!
Route Length in Train Management has been replaced with a simpler Profit Multi, this gives a 5% earnings boost with each level instead of the previous system which offered less benefit the higher you leveled it (multiplier just approached 2x forever).
Added 14 new achievements.
Your company name should now be retained between resets.
Added an option to disable Offline Progress, for anyone that wishes to play that way. It is enabled by default.
Other minor tweaks/fixes.

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