Just a little game I made as I found the mechanic fun and challenging, I hope you enjoy it too.

If you'd like to complete on a high score leaderboard, you can play the game at gx.games (Opera GX browser required) https://gxc.gg/games/yryki7/orbital

Coming soon to Android.

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsArcade, Casual, Minimalist, Short


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How did you become such a good developer?

Thanks for the kind words, I'm not sure if I'm that good. I can code OK though and that just comes from practice. I think a good way to learn is to just make small games like clones of Pong, Asteroids, Flappy Bird, etc. to get used to coding. 

In fact Idle Breakout started off as a breakout clone/tutorial before I added the idle elements.  


On my first time playing the square spawned literally the furthest it could outside the triangle and I couldn't reach it o.o I do like the orbital planet like concept in games especially more interactive ones, I will be sticking around to see what changes might be made. I enjoyed!

I got 30 in hard mode, also I no like triangles.

On my first try in normal

I only got to 25.