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Hi Kodiqi, I really like this game! Do you mind if I host it on my website?

W game

B    A    L    L    S


how to use cheat codes




I found this on accident.... and it has consumed my life. THANK YOU <3

Very fun game, just that it's very long and im still trying to beat it, i might be 5% done so far😆

How far have you gotten-?

like, Igot to  the second boss then deleted my save file on accident, so im  using broken op ones now lol

I feel that it is way too much to try and get all of the skills through skill points in a reasonable amount of time, maybe make it where different bosses will give you another skill point? ie; the first boss gives a skill point then blocky balboa gives you another one. 

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Created an account on here so I could give feedback.

Played the game first online for a few hours before downloading it.
Played offline for a few weeks. Maxed out Level Complete Cash Bonus, Ball Speed Increase and VAUS Lasers. Ball Power Multiplier is 16K, Max Number of Balls is 290. Got all Achievements and almost all Skills (only missing 0,2 and 0,3)

Last night, after exporting my save code, I tried playing around with cheat codes. Ended up trying the so-called Ultimate God Code.
Here's what happened. The game loaded this insane save with instant 1000 balls. My game crashed. Now, the .exe file refuses to load and simply won't run. Tried turning my PC off and on again, tried downloading all files again, any IdleBreakout.exe file trying to open what was in the inner saving system of the game on that PC simply won't do it. It is cooked.

My PC isn't a powerful one so the game crashing was kinda warranted. I wasn't expecting the game to be that cooked tho.
I'm not complaining. Just a warning to anybody running the game with a PC with below average specs, you might not be able to play offline at all if the game loads a save that your PC cannot handle.

Here's the codes for anybody interested:
My save code:

The Ultimate God Code:


papyrus is a plasmatic skeleton

ahhwww the heart got ruined by the balls before i could make a ss of it :C

if someone has a ss pls reply to me with it ^~^

what is an ss?



So addictive





inf money


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if anyone but me uses this you are gay with King Charles 




I’ve been playing for 2 hours b/c its that good. Don’t change anything.

I have been playing for over 16 hours
good game


Please make a dark theme my eyes hurt


Ooh I have a fun ball idea!

A gravity orb - it has no attack damage, but instead pulls other balls towards it and kinda makes a cloud of other balls all following the same path, combining their damage, so if it had a cannonball dealing 50 damage and a plasma ball with 3 power but AOE damage, then the whatever the orb hits is dealt 53 damage in an AOE range, and it keeps going instead of bouncing, combining the effects of what it's absorbed. Or if it absorbs a sniper it can aim itself and break black bricks, etc!

kinda broken, should be unlocked after 5 prestiges


Can you add the ability to break the black bricks by clicking them even if there are other bricks around?

And maybe the ability for anything to break black bricks if they can 1-hit it


Could you add the ability to sell a ball instead of just deleting it?
The sell price could be relative to how many bricks that [exact ball] had broken.

Like if a ball broke 100 bricks it could sell for 10% of original price or 1000 bricks it could sell for 100% of original price and 100000 bricks 1000% of original.

So if I had a ball bought for $100 and it broke 1000 bricks when I sold it I would get $100 but if it broke 500 bricks it would sell for 50% so $50


sans is a strange skeleton

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I used a speedhack to set the speed to 500x and my GPU usage was at 90%. I have eight gigabytes of VRAM


when I beat a boss, it doesn't  give any skill points. Please help! I really enjoy this game.

you only receive skill points if it is a boss you have not killed before. the boss progression involves killing ALL bosses each time. you will only receive skill points for bosses that you have not killed on a previous prestige.


when the game getting fixed

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Bugs:(Only on the web version of this game):

#1. Black screens.
#2. Slow framerate.
#3.  When resetting the game. The Wipe Data message is still there and doesn't disappear after wipe. 
#4. Game freezes randomly.
#5. Can't export save code. :(
#6. "Fight Boss Brick" text isn't centred in the white area of the text box.
#7.  "Extra Time", "Disable Attacks", "Fix 1/2 Damage" and "Disable HP regen" text isn't centred in the white area of the text box.

If  these issues get fixed then it would be greatly appreciated and it would make the game better! :D
The issues I have mentioned above will be crossed of the list once they are fixed! :D

the fact that they don't fix #7 first even though it's the easiest




Jeez, I feel really bad for you

first time?


Too many balls leads to slow down, about 100 balls seems to be the limit, you can have more but it'll create slow down.

Setting the speed to above 40x creates the black screen, it can't calculate where the balls are suppose to be and at really high speeds teleports the balls around so fast they don't even hit the bricks.


It's a very fun game, but I keep having issues with the game giving me the occasoinal blackscreen, which gets annoying after a while. 

Really unfortunate that this (and other similar comments) won't be heard considering the fact the last time this game got updated was like 5 years ago. 

It was actually updated 85 days ago. You can see this information by clicking the "More information" button under the game.

weird tiny bug. nbd. i am finding that despite restarts i am unable to use my skill points. I have used them previously but at the moment the cursor keeps bugging out, not always initiating "mickey mouse hand" and when the hand is up it still wont respond to clicks on the buy button. 

in general commentary though, this game is an awesome (on mute ha)

note: it is very important to me that i be able to save my black bricks after prestige so if possible make it your #1 priority to feed my addiction to this game


i found out that you need to have a section at a time in order to buy the next row with skill points. what i mean by this is that once you have all the 1 point skills unlocked, you can buy from the second row, etc.

weird, because i was able to get skills from the second line without doing all the first line already. but ill try that.

same for me, but maybe it's just a feature in the game.

worked! thanks for your help. 

Very cool game. But after 100 balls at maximum speed It became unplayable and keeps crashing(black screen) all the time 😔.

download the game, i had it running for 4 days straight with A LOT of scatter balls and it runs smoothly. if you have a bad computer it might be slow.

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You know what would be nice, if you could idle this game, let it run in the background without it stopping and crashing, that'd be cool yeah.

So it's the speed that makes it crash, try not to go over 40x speed.


download the .exe file of it, it runs thousands of times smoother

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The core pillars of Idle Breakout are bouncing balls, buyer's remorse, player confusion, and bait. 

There's a good game hiding underneath all of that? But in order to access it, you have to trust the game by buying the things that you assumed were bad after the game has already tricked into buying the things that you assumed were good.

I would go so far as to say that the core mechanics of the game are coping with disappointment and online fact-checking, two things that we could all use a little more of, these days.



 can you add fullscreen mode pls

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