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found a bug with import save where pressing 'Cancel' gives an input of undefined, this can probably be fixed with a simple if statement.

i actually have this on another game website but i have a lot done on that so its nice to start from the beginning without having boosts from all the stuff i had

what level are you on 





pls add fullscreen for the app

"Alt" + "Enter" = full screen in the most games.


cool game

I found this on coolmath originally, but it wouldn't work with my ad blocker, so now I'm here. I'm here to stay, cool math version is very laggy.

im back


use this save import to break the game OWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSxJbmZpbml0eSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OS45ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTkuOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OS45ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LDllKzk5OSw5ZSs5OTksOWUrOTk5LA==

it broke my game so hard.  i cant play it anymore

It took me only a few minutes to get addicted.


at 10 quintillion levels you reach an invincible gold block

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this took me awale but this is pretty good

this is it




FUN Game but slow star

it lagged!! HAHAHAHAH

what bosses are there other than block head, and what do they do

oh wait i found blocky balboa

there are many more (not in this order) blockenspiel, d block, z block, s block, blocko, blockarina, etc

boss battles

Very good, but what is BB for ?

Black Bricks. Collecting enough of them allows you to fight bosses

Yes but how do i fight bosses



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what would you say the best strat is when you get up into level 10000

Well, I'm not sure but I don't think it changes much when you get to level 10000 so you could try to get more boss bricks and get up to a billion or trillion bucks. If that doesn't work for you then you can try to get gold :D

what is the best way to level up in idle breakout fast? Also, what are the best balls to use


Well, to level up faster, you should try to save money for the first 10 to 20 levels and then upgrade all the balls you have to either be faster or stronger. You should also get as many balls as you can at the beginning :D The best balls in my opinion are cannonballs because they are the strongest balls that you don't have to pay so much money for.


thank you

You're welcome!

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tbh i think sniper balls are the best, because they cannot miss and the speed on them isn't bad

I think cannonballs r the best bc they can be able to destroy almost 2 million 4 the low price of 4 trillion but sniper balls only destroy 400000 for over 3 trillion so they'll need like 10 trillion dollars to destroy up to 2 million

what prestige u on?


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know any good games?

anyone know a shortcut ?

i just started


Save with Max damage multiplier from Prestige shop


good game


to get ur game code press the options button (the gear in the top right) then press the green export button. it gives you the option to copy your game code. It should save automatically tho




wait, what does bb actually do

bb is good for facing bosses


who wanna give me their game code? ill help them

I Imported a code and my game would not open even if I uninstall and re-install the game

My Infinite Save


Here's my save:



dude i used to have a massive ass save, but now it doesnt work anymore :( even tho i have the file containing it :(

oh im so sorry bro

sounds like a windows error I don't know why


here my map

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