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Literally the first things that came to my mind.

By just 7 seconds

I didn't see any screens of the second ending...


image.png y’all can’t believe my zealots were called the Gays

i got 

Can't help but love this silly little game. 



fire game

this was cute

i love this

Got a pretty good time I feel


Mogul Merv Griffin!

Looks like I was relatively fast compared to other completions

Nice and funny game



I’ll make a religion about the femur.

made a religion after my cat apollo lol

everyone looks like big ol clowns and worships cats

Deleted post
Deleted post

Wait... I thought that religions only have 1 relic???

Short, but decent. My favorite kind of idle game.

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Seriously, this was a fun game, the theme really nailed it.

Can i have the code for the game


"billions of followers, from every nation, watch the broadcast of your body being eaten by cats"

yo I didn't even see this comment and that's what I put for after they die, being eaten by cats lmao

Finished in one hour 30

I’m gonna make the world bow to me! :)

how does one spread some false info aka propaganda



on mobile so i couldn't actually customize the stuff


I wonder who this nobody bozo is, they sound really cool lmao


It’s about time I play this again. (I don’t know if that’s grammatically correct)

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*Sniffle* My daughter.. She wants to grow up just like the others... *Sniffle*

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