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Something else that would improve the game would be progress bars.


amazing game, but why can't I buy more alchemy levels?

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i have -0B on wood, and it wont allow me to produce any stone. how do i fix this.

just loaded it and it came up with that and i dont know what to do

also will there be any update,its an absolutely brilliant game and i thank Kodiqi for making it



That negative wood stock looks wrong. ;-)

why wont it let me upgrade

also how do i upgrade the wood alchemy thing

how do i make wood manualy after i upgrade to stone

Guys, I think Kodiqi is dead, he has not commented in 137 days and he has not made a game in 4 months. ( He makes 1 or 2 games per month )



I shall return.


i think it gets a bit too slow over time...


Nice and slow idle game.

It took me a while to figure out that the main focus is really to maximize diggers, since all upgrades are capped by dirt.

I think the look and variety could be improved.

This was quite an enjoyable game for me for the last week yea I played it sorta in the background as I did other stuff but it was enjoyable


cool idle game playing it side by side for 2,3 days lol

can be improved a lot!

i think it can be transformed to 3D buildings and some help tips

or we can craft more or craft special items 

or make an army and attack other dirt empires 

or make navy and attack other dirt empires


Let the dirt wars begin!

dirty dancing


How do alchemy levels work? 

each level allows you to convert more at once

eg; level 1 wood alchemy only gets you 1 wood / sec even if you are making 20 dirt per sec, but with level 2 wood alchemy you can get 2 wood / sec


Nice, but I would like tooltips to know what the upgrades do!

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Yeah, agreed, it needs some explanation of what Alchemy levels actually do for one. Possibly some measure of resource-income-per-second as well.


A pretty slow and steady game. If that even makes sense?

Pretty fun, I enjoyed it!